I am a mother, daughter, friend, women’s advocate, scholar, spiritual advisor, artist, beauty influencer and lover of beautiful people, places, and things.

My lifes mission is not only to share beauty and my art into the world but to empower the feminine to ultimately break the mold that a women cannot own thier sexuality and be educated and well-spoken at the same time. Those things are not codependent but co-exist.

I been running my photography business since 2012. I mostly help create content for social media influencers as well specialize in weddings and events. Shortly after I became a certified make-up artist. I love creating looks for all occasions. I travel between Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and all the places in between.

I am sharing my journey in the many roles that I play. Things to look forward to:

  • Astrology / Spiritual World (Brujeria)

  • Planted Based Diet

  • Fitness / Wellness

  • Makeup / Beauty

  • Fashion

  • Motherhood

  • Poetry

  • Travel

Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me,

xoxo - Prissy