Photoshoot : @mhardeniii


It is so good to behind the camera again. This was a perfect shoot to get back in the game. He has been a friend of mine for years and its been amazing to see him on his fitness journey and see his presence online grow. We been waiting to shoot for a while and it all worked out perfectly this past weekend. We went back and forth on the location and we decided on The Design District in Dallas. There was so many fun spots in that area. A lot of hidden gems. Fun colored brick walls, modern decor, murals, views of downtown, and more. I would defiantly shoot here again.

The Alley

As I was driving around, I saw this alley and knew this was going to be a must shoot location. I have this love for the Dallas skyline. So knowing how dope this shot would be made me so happy. Especially since he said the first look was streetwear. I knew this would be the vibe. It worked perfectly because on the back of his jacket it said “Dallas Made”. This alley is off Cole & Riverfront. Diagonal from Buda Juice.


Yellow Wall

We walked across the street to this Mexican Cafeteria restaurant on riverfront. I can’t remember the name. The whole building is this bright yellow and it was so cute.


Leslie St.

To wrap up the street wear we hoped across riverfront to another area of the Design District, close to the outskirt of it was Leslie street and these two locations struck me. One was this building with this robot and then a block down was this building with these beautiful big lime green accents around the door. All these colors went perfect with the outfit he was wearing and we had fun walking this area.


Dragon St.

When the streetwear look was a wrap I told him to meet me at 918 Dragon St. I seen in this parking lot was this beautiful wall of vines that was just beautiful. When he walked out in the new outfit I knew it was going to be perfect. We also didn’t have the harshness of the sun as we did in the other pictures so the lighting was more playful which worked great with this set. This was probably one of my favorite parts of the whole shoot.



I believe this was somewhere on Dragon street as well. The blue was a nice pop of color to go with the yellow red, and green we got from the sets before.


I hope you enjoyed this gallery! It was so much fun and he was fun to work with. If you want to book a shoot - I have all my information in my services link above.

Thank you,


What is a Twin Flame

Hey Guys!

So I recently started vloging again. My first video back was explaining my spiritual journey. When I posted it, I had a lot of feedback on the twin flame aspect of my journey and it is something I been wanting to speak out so I decided to do that first.

Now I know twin flame dynamics are different. I am just speaking on what I know of them and then also adding in my personal journey. The next video I will get more in depth on my personal journey but I wanted to start with what it is.

If you guys have any further questions please reach out and I will address all of those.

with love,


My Spiritual Journey

This has probably been the question I have gotten the most lately and honestly, that is a good question.

I guess I will share my experience and then how I started and hopefully that helps. I shared the history of how I grew up and some starting points for my journey. Hopefully in story it inspired you or helps you.

My Starting points :

  • Meditation / Mindfullness

  • Astrology / Birth Charts

  • Twin Flame / Soul Mates

  • Crystals

  • Plant Based Diet

  • Numerology

  • Tarot

  • Chakras